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Product Description

  • DOUBLE THE LIFE OF YOUR FLOWERS – Enjoy your fresh flowers for longer with our indoor plant food which can double the life of flowers. 
  • FRESHER WATER – Forget about changing your flower water, our flower food for fresh cut flowers keeps water clean and odour free. 
  • REUSABLE – Reliable and everlasting, our cut flower feed disc never needs to be replaced and can be relied on to keep your flowers fresh all year round. 
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Made entirely from natural materials, our flower food was designed for minimal environmental damage and is packaged in recyclable materials. 
  • SUPER FAST WORKING – Simply pop this silver fresh flora disc into your vase and watch it work straight away; use with flower food for optimal results.

Keep your blooms looking fresher for longer with FreshaFlora anti-microbial flower feed! You can double the life of your fresh cut flowers with this useful long life food disc. Made from copper and silver, the strong anti-microbial action of the 99.9% pure silver in this cut flower food destroys fungal, viral and bacterial micro-organisms immediately on contact. This slows down the breakdown and rotting of the flower stems, extending flower freshness and reducing bolting. This also eliminates foul-smelling water and the need the frequently change it. Your favourite vase can stay spick and span and any flower food you use can stay in the vase for the life of the flowers, for the ultimate long lasting cut flowers. Just pop Fresh flora in your vase with water and it will get to work immediately!

Our flower food for vases is 100% reliable and everlasting, so you can re-use the same disc in all your bouquets and enjoy your fresh cut long lasting flowers fully. Freshaflora cut flower food is a unique money-saving addition for your home, to gift alongside your next bouquet or for florists and wholesalers to keep stock in prime condition. The hygienic nature and effects of our flower fertilizer also make it ideal for hospital environments, to brighten up someone’s bedside. Not only is our Fresha flora flower food for fresh cut flowers highly effective, it is also environmentally friendly and made from natural materials. Moreover, all our products and packaging are made from recyclable material and we ensure that we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. At Aquamidas, we always consider our environmental impact.

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FreshaFlora Disc